The Duralite system uses quality vinyl clad plywood & our range includes the right camper van accessory for your requirements.
Duralite :: Panels
Everything to build great interiors

  • Panels consist of VHD Polystyrene sheets sandwiched between 2 sheets of veneer-covered ply.
  • Composite panels have a number of outstanding benefits that add value to your interior project.
  • A range of surface finishes is available for personalised styling and customisation to suit individual tastes.
  • The range is being constantly updated to incorporate the latest patterns, colours and trends.
  • Edges are not prone to moisture damage and retain their integrity and quality of finish longer.

  • Both internal and external surfaces are fully finished to improve hygiene and cleanability.
  • Curved surfaces can be created with the 2-piece polystyrene and veneer panels.
  • Standard panel size is 2440mm x 1220mm with a nominal thickness of 19.8mm. Weight of each panel is 11.5kg.
  • Panels are fixed together using the unique* Duralite™ connector system.

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