Concept Overview

A cost-effective & versatile construction system

Duralite® Modular Systems - a particularly designed, interior lightweight modular construction system for the RV industry. The system includes a strong, lightweight composite panel 2440 x 1220 x 19.8 mm (approx. 12kg) and lining sheets 2440 x 1220 x 3mm plywood in modern colours including wood grains with a unique range of mouldings.

The panels which are manufactured in Australia with great workmanship provide our customers with the best possible quality combined with the patented Duralite® system of mouldings and hardware, as well as adhesive glue interlock achieving an adaptable design in the construction of the modern interior fit outs.

From kitchens, wall linings, bathrooms, living rooms to bed divans, drawers and overhead cupboards. We can provide it! Have a shower cubicle created to your personal taste, requirements or size using the unique Duralite® system. Additionally it comes with beautifully finished soft corners making it much more attractive to the eye.

Perhaps you love DIY or are a commercial motor home builder? Look no further, as a Duralite® system provides a complete, top notch method of construction helping you to achieve that much desired flawless finish. Also an instruction manual will be provided to ensure a skilful and satisfying completion.