Product Benefits

Coach building for professionals made easy

Perfect for commercial RV and DIY builders

· Lower fuel usage due to Duralite®'s lighter weight making it more economical to use.

· Duralite® is an ideal interior system for recreation vehicle renovation or refurbishment

· Duralite® allows unobtrusive internal trunking and 12 volt wiring.

· Duralite® makes it quicker and easier to build very attractive cost-effective interiors.

· Choose from a range of colour options for a personalized interior fitout .

· Duralite® gets the job finished with the strongest and sturdiest edges and corners which are able to sustain the roughest of environments.

· The Duralite system protects damage to panels due to unwanted moisture absorbtion.

· For customising or improving your own interior fitout design and layout Duralite is a simple and straightforward system

· Enhance its resale value by building your vehicle interior with Duralite®.

· Make building complete interiors much simpler with our modular system.

· Duralite Modular Systems can supply the whole range of interior fitout components needed to complete your project.

· Using Duralite® enables you to work along with commercial CNC manufacturing methods.